• February 23, 2024

Chris Long made a decision to return to Eagles

Chris Long decided to ponder his retirement and return to Eagles. He will quite likely find himself in a similar predicament after returning. He will enter a final season with a high salary under his contract.

Chris Long returns to Eagles and ponders his retirement

The long-term defensive end of Eagles comes off with quite a productive season. Although he didn’t come off a victory in the Super Bowl, Chris Long will return to Eagles and ponder his retirement. Do you want to wager on his future games? You can do that on www.pin-up.casino.

Chris Long made a decision to return to Eagles

Chris Long claims that he will love to keep playing for the team, but he can go either way at the end of the day. Everything depends on what Eagles will do and how things will turn out to be in the new season. He has just finished his eleventh season in the NFL and he will turn 34 very soon.

Chris Long enters his final season based on this contract with the Eagles. His salary will be $3.5 million. Meanwhile, the team is focused on the situation with quarterbacks in the offseason. Chris Long has started his NFL career in 2008. He played for Patriots and St. Louis Rams. He spent 2 years playing for Eagles and it seems like he isn’t going to slow down.

He didn’t miss any game over the last 3 seasons despite his age. Playing for Eagles and pondering his retirement is an important decision for both the team and Chris Long. He feels good physically and he is ready to help his team win.