• May 21, 2024

Four Trump Cards of the Indian squad for India versus England series who can make it big for the nation

With the unveiling of the Indian team for the first three test matches to be played against England, the most interminable wait for the most awaited tour comes to an end. Every single person associated with Indian test squad would finally believe that the one day and T20 series played turnouts to be a dress rehearsal for India versus England test series.

India and England will soon be seen playing against one another in test matches. India has performed exceptionally well, and the same is reflective from sitting on the leading position of the ICC test match rankings. A majority of the latest test wins were the results of the squad playing on their home-pitch, Virat Kohli, and the company is all set to mark their performance excellence overseas. On the other end, England’s test team is in its best form on their home pitch.

With the declaration of the Indian squad for the first three test matches to be played by India against England, zest of cricket followers continues to hover over the analysis of Indian team. Will, the selected Indian team, shall be an amalgam of skills, determination, and temperament so that all their collective efforts inflict a defeat on England? Can India’s selected test squad maintain its robust position to claim itself as the world’s best test squad with their exceptional overseas performance? It would be too soon to comment on this. We can wait and watch patiently what the future has in store for the Indian squad.

For now, let us focus on the four trump cards of Indian squad according to a few free cricket betting tips:

Ishant Sharma:

Four Trump Cards of the Indian squad for India versus England series who can make it big for the nation

We have witnessed many such events where this Indian bowler highlighted his influence with his skills. Virat Kohli is quite confident about his state-mates skills and potential to keep an eye on England’s batting line -up.


If CheteshwarPujara makes it to the crease for a longer time, it shall give the opportunity for the rest to step in and express themselves to their fullest. Cheteshwar is a blend of calm and secured batsmen. The down order batsmen such as KL Rahul, Shikhar Dhawan and the captain himself could benefit to a greater extent from Cheteshwar’s extra efforts to stay on the pitch for a long haul.

Virat Kohli:

The man himself, Virat Kohli possesses enough caliber to drive away the game from England’s squad at any point of time. He has been one of the most consistent Indian batsmen for more than a couple of years for now.

Ajinkya Rahane:

Undoubtedly one of the most technically strong batsmen in the present Indian test squad is Ajinkya Rahane. Cricket betting gamblers will hold their eyes on this vice-captain’s knock. Though Ajinkya’s last few performances are not up to the mark, you can surely rely on him for a better performance this time.

Free cricket betting tips recommend for betting on these four principal players of the Indian squad. Let us wait and watch what destiny has in store for these trump cards of the Indian team on England pitches. You can browse on for some more free cricket betting tips on Google or relative websites.